With Love and Gratitude We Remember...

Bev Roche
Made Her Transition October 12, 2016
On April 27, 2012 the Prayer Team honored Beverly Roche for her long service to the Prayer Team and her many selfless contributions to Unity Circle of Light. Affectionately known as the camellia lady for the many times she has brought her prize flowers to share with the congregation, Bev joined UCL in January 2001.
"Bev was a corner stone of Unity when she and Bud, her then husband, started a home group of like-minded individuals years back that set in motion the beginnings of Unity in our area. Besides being a strong Unity student of metaphysics, Bev studied Edgar Casey’s work via A.R.E. and other philosophies, religions, and cultures.  
      “She was a loving individual whose light and love spread joy and encouragement to all that knew her. She was famous for growing beautiful Camelia’s that adorned her gardens. She often supplied our services with their blooms during the month of February and at other times. She was a dedicated prayer team member for evermore and blessed us with her consciousness of light and love.
     “We say goodbye to the lovely faith-filled woman of joy and delight. We pray with and for her family as they say goodbye to an iconic woman, and we see her speeding into the light and love of Spirit to her due rewards. I’m quite certain she has earned her wings. I personally am so grateful to have known this amazing woman of worship and love. We release her into Spirit’s arms. May she rest in peace. Amen and amen.”
~ Tribute by Dolores Everard

"My goal is to assist individuals in reclaiming their health through subtle, natural lifestyle changes. I teach a Holistic approach to health. By identifying how choices affect health, I show my clients how natural diet, supplementations, exercise and essential oils can jumpstart the body's ability to heal itself. I also discuss how attitude and emotions have a major impact on health." Donna Fry, Naturopath

Our dear friend and prayer angel, Donna Fry, made her transition on September 25, 2015.  Many of us have known Donna for a long time. Having lived with diabetes since her early teens Donna fought it with diet and naturopathy. She passed suddenly and peacefully in her home.  

Donna's daughter Sarah Westbrook and her two young sons, Bowen and Sawyer, were familiar faces as they often visited with us. Donna was always so very generous with her time, love, and energy.  She was a teacher, a natural healer, an author and a prayer angel. We miss her greatly.