Hurricane Harvey Flooded UCL Property August 26, 2017

Taken as Flood Waters Began to Recede

Recovery Begins August 30, 2017 

Carpets were removed and discarded. Then the sanitizing and drying process could begin.

Wooden floors needed to be torn out.

Recovery Continues August 31, 2017

Remains of Ronna's Office

We may say, "No Sweat," but obviously that's not quite true ;^)

Volunteers are still smiling after removing debris (notice background)

Recovery From Floods Continues September 1, 2017

New Drywall Arrives (Courtesy of L&W Supply and King Company)
We are truly blessed!!!

There are NO LIMITS to what our volunteers will do. And still they are smiling!

September 2, 2017

Holli is a hard worker. Now she's restoring our tables for Sacred Healing.
Alas, the tables were beyond restoration. If you have one you'd like to donate, or know of one, please let Holli know: We will give you a receipt for a tax deduction.

Our First Service in the New Sanctuary was held July 9, 2017

Getting Very Close - June 2017
Lighthouse and New Church Building

Hooray! No more Mud Days!
Our Drive and Parking are now embedded with crushed concrete, giving us a harder surface to drive and park on.

Getting Closer - March 15, 2017

Entry Pad Poured - February 15, 2017

Installing the Glass - February 8, 2017

Framework Going Up - January 2017

Lighted Parking & Property – December 2016

Pad For New Sanctuary – December 2016

Cleared Land

Construction Begins

A ceremonial ground-breaking was held June 3, 2016 at the site of our new sanctuary
at our Gosling property.  The Board and many congregants joined to celebrate
the vision of our new sanctuary with prayer and much praise.

Before Construction Began We Knew It as The White House
or as the Fellowship Hall